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"Veliki" servis (Topic in the CitroŽn Xsara Picasso forum)
21st November 2007, 14:59
Ali je PSA motor 1.1 dovolj za mali avto kot P206? (Topic in the ARHIV Foruma NOVEJäI 2008 forum)
2nd February 2008, 02:36
berlingo 3, 110km benz, konstrukcijska napaka??! (Topic in the CitroŽn Berlingo forum)
18th July 2009, 22:22
Berlingo proti Partnerju (Topic in the CitroŽn Berlingo forum)
3rd December 2007, 16:05
bingo 2.0Hdi(2002) vs. 1.6Hdi(2007) (Topic in the CitroŽn Berlingo forum)
22nd November 2007, 22:47
C3 in tuji novinarji (Topic in the C3 forum)
9th February 2006, 18:20
c3 uporaba goriva-OMV Super 100 (Topic in the C3 forum)
10th April 2009, 14:49
C4 - vozne lastnosti (Topic in the CitroŽn C4 - C4 Picasso forum)
23rd March 2008, 14:29
C4 1.6 bencin( 110km) in 16 Hdi ( 110KM) (Topic in the CitroŽn C4 - C4 Picasso forum)
25th October 2006, 16:01
C4 2.0 HDi Exclusive (Topic in the Predstavite se nam ... forum)
23rd August 2006, 07:54
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