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    What is SLS?

    SLS is a group of services and programs aimed at helping students engage more effectively in their academic studies. We teach essential academic skills and study techniques that help students to more effectively express their intelligence, apply their knowledge and communicate their ideas. Who is SLS?

    We are a group of dedicated professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds – education, counseling, teaching, academia, mentorship, coaching - you name it. We’re an eclectic bunch. What we have in common is a love of learning and a desire to help instil that sentiment in students at Ryerson. Why visit SLS?

    Part of being a good student involves getting help and guidance along the way. It’s what good students do. SLS is a place for precisely this – a group of people whose job it is to help you – to build your academic skills, to increase your confidence in the work you do, to make you better at engaging in your coursework, to improve your communication, literacy, numeracy skills, to remove barriers that might be getting in your way, and to make friends and connections on campus. The real question is, why wouldn’t you visit SLS? Where is SLS?

    Visit us in our new home on the 4th floor of the new Student Learning Centre at the corner of Yonge and Gould Streets. Contact our main office at 416.598.5978 or by email