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Your game server: A perfect match with the IONOS Cloud

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  • Your game server: A perfect match with the IONOS Cloud

    What is it?

    A game server acts as a central data transmitter and is used specifically for multiplayer games like Counter Strike – Global Offensive and similar. Players can also connect different servers to play all kinds of online games. The servers then manage and sync the gamers’ data. One of the uses of game servers is to play the world’s most popular MMORPG games (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or simply: online role play), as they allow you and your friends to enter major online competitions.
    Why should you host it?

    At IONOS, we understand that personal hosting of your games is important – and we feel the same way. The IONOS Cloud lets you and your friends play lots of online games – Minecraft, for instance – as a group.

    A personal game server places you in complete control of your online party. Picking the game and choosing the number of players is entirely up to you. And that’s not all: You decide which gamers are allowed to stay and which ones have to leave. As the controller of your own cloud-based game server, you can monitor and supervise your online party any way you choose.

    Why should you use the affordable game servers with IONOS?

    We recommend the high-performance IONOS Cloud to get the best out of your multiplayer experience. The IONOS Cloud delivers outstanding performance and storage capacity to ensure that technical restrictions never put paid to your gaming success. We use Intel® processors, while administrators benefit from SSD storage options to boost performance even more.

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    Why rent a server for games? Besides enjoying the game with friends, you can also make good money on this, giving other players access for money. But it is extremely important to choose a reliable service provider so that your players have no issues. For gamers, the lack of communication with the server at a time when you really want to play is simply unacceptable.