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    Zanimiv Ťlanek

    CitroŽn CX three-axle version - 6-weeler (Tissier, Pijpops and Loadrunner):
    CitroŽn CX: Flying low through the night
    06/02/2014, by Boris Schmidt, Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung
    To date, the freshly printed Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) is placed on axis from the printing location MŲrfelden near Frankfurt to Paris. However Unforgotten are the days were entrusted as triaxial CitroŽn CX with this task.
    They were the beginning of the eighties as the fastest diesel in the world.
    When delivering newspapers, it depends on two things: speed and transport capacity. Long before the Sprinter Mercedes-Benz has become synonymous with a class of Swift Transportation has (up to 3.5 tons is no speed limit of 80km / h), there was a king of the highway transporter: the CitroŽn CX, converted into a three-axle vehicle.
    This resulted in a load capacity of up to two tons, it fit two pallets in the newspapers to 5.60 meters (6.55 meters or even, depending on the version) extended car. Such three-axle vehicles were built in France by Tissier, in Belgium by Pijpops and Loadrunner in Germany by "Mike's Garage" in Heidelberg. For the perishable newspaper was as fast as humanly possible to the destination. Not only the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and many other European publishers had such a three-axle vehicle in their service.
    Good handling, good advertising
    About 1000 three-axle vehicles have been built by Tissier (also known as hearse or ambulance), 250 came from the workshops each in Belgium and Heidelberg. Because of its subframe structure, the CitroŽn CX was well suited for extensions with additional axis. And the famous CitroŽn hydraulic besides that provided for a relatively good handling characteristics even under extreme load. The hydraulics had already called the predecessor of the CX, the (or the) famous DS, also Goddess. By the way, have also been "goddesses" extended like the CX similarly. The picture below shows that the mid-seventies was traveling for this newspaper. Dangers but was always always on behalf of the FAZ, the vehicles were never the property of the newspaper. But they were a good advertising medium, there was even a for advertising purposes of this house used CX-Model-bow (1:20 scale), which can be ordered today (see
    Long drove the CX F.A.Z. since the late seventies from Frankfurt to Paris, this era imagined until the early nineties, then came competition, which was just as fast with the same load capacity. And the CX itself was discontinued after 17 years of construction 1991. Just under 1.2 million units had been built (hatchback and station wagon, called Break). The CX regarded as the last, classical avant-garde Citroen. The famous magnifying glass speedometer but there was only until 1985.
    In Germany there are still about 50 copies of the extended versions known. One of them has the musician Mike Frank, who has bought his CX 1990. He also took us to track down this story, because Frank is even the FAZ been out with that CitroŽn on the road and at night she has gone to Paris. Even then he was a musician. "We only had one rickety VW Bus, and the CitroŽn are often darted past on the highway at us when we were on our way to a gig. I was at that time more fascinated than a Ferrari. "When the opportunity arises, Frank buys 45,000 DM for the then two-year old CitroŽn. For the FAZ is he one and a half years on the road. "Wild times were at the time. We are flying low through the night. "
    The CX is running, because he is so extremely Streamlined, despite "only" 120 hp (from 2.5 liters of displacement, four cylinder) almost 190 km / h The consumption keeps up with 12 liters of diesel per 1oo miles within limits. The FAZ is then printed yet only next to the editorial building in Frankfurt, the first trips to Paris starting in the late afternoon with the first issue. When Frank the night rides are too much, he keeps the car simple and uses him for years as a "tour bus". The rear seat has never been expanded for the newspaper transports it was folded. A corresponding pop painting is of course mandatory after the restrained dark red, in which the paint was originally held.
    Who still has a three-axle, it maintains particularly
    Today makes mid-fifties, Frank, who lives in Hockenheim, with his band, "Me and the heat" still making music, but the CitroŽn he only drives for fun in his spare time, the consumption oscillates at a relaxed driving around nine liters per 100 kilometers. The car still excited a great sensation, he would very often controlled, most believe the CitroŽn was a former hearse. Meanwhile, the CX has built 1.44 million km on the odometer, it's the second machine, the first held almost one million kilometers. The transmission is still the first. Since still say a, french cars are not quality products.
    But in particular, the three-axle vehicle have been worn as a porter in most cases. Who else has one, cares for him. At present, in Germany two on offer: the left pictured "LoadRunner 2", in contrast to Frank's CitroŽn (LoadRunner 1) has a higher roof and will cost 10,000 euros (, as well as a former hearse, the CX base, a company specializing in the CX company offering (
    Mike Frank will never give up his car. Since then he has for the F.A.Z. was traveling, a lot has changed. This newspaper is printed since 1993 in Morfelden-Walldorf near Frankfurt, plus there is now more pressure locations in Maisach near Munich and Potsdam. Thus, the distances to the customer are automatically shorter. Abroad, is also printed in Madrid, and reduced expenditures arise, among others, in Athens, Rome, Tenerife and Cyprus.
    Today Sprinter drive the F.A.Z. to Paris
    Today, two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter drive the FAZ Morfelden to Paris. Overall, start from the printing of daily 200 vehicles, from Potsdam 70 and 50 from Maisach
    And thanks to the e-paper everyone can at home on the eve of the next day by 20 clock his FAZ 1:1 from the net Downl
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